We help you to Buy or Sell in cryptocurrencies

We provide consultancy about digital currencies.


About BCCorp

Welcome to Block Chain Corporation BCC, UK’s premier online destination to buy and sell your Bitcoin. We provide a simple, fast and secure way to buy and sell your bitcoins.

Here at BCC, we believe that buying and selling bitcoins should be as easy as possible for our clients. Our new plat form allows you to do this in one of the most secure and safe envirornments possible.

We have a professional and experienced  team here ready to help buy and sell bitcoin via bank transfer, online payment or OTC trade.

If you are new to the bitcoin world we are here to help you to make this as easy and simple as possible. BCC will help you to grow your bitcoin portfolio and will cater to all your needs.

We have long-standing relationships with various liquidity providers, exchanges and other OTC brokers, so we can provide competitive pricing, even on large volume orders.

We look forward to doing business with you.

How to Buy?

BCC have a very personal and tailored approach catering to individual needs of our clients allowing the client to buy with confidence.

Open a Chat

Open a chat with us so we know your requirements.

Deals Explained

BCC team member will broker a deal best for you

Deal Selection

Confirm your deal with our member of staff.

Your ID

Send us your ID (This to comply with government rules and regulations)


Send payment and receive your Bitcoin or other Crypto currencies.

Simple and Secure

This is quick simple but yet secure deals can be done within minutes

How to Sell?

We have made this very simple open a chat or email a team member let us know  how much you want to sell and we will facilitate that sell order.

How to Pay?

Using BCC  secure platform, you can easily buy bitcoins and other crypto in the UK via bank transfer. Giving you an easy, efficient and convenient a transaction so you can buy with confidence and put your trust in BCC

Or  our clients can pay via online methods such paypal, again giving you easy, efficient and a convenient transaction.

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